Company Profile

Shanghai Minipore & Kushan Murfiltec Industrial Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented environmental protection enterprise specializing in raw water and sewage treatment consumables, accessories and equipment. We have our own brands "华膜","MINIPORE" and "MURFILTEC", and has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and use advanced ERP management system to make our filter quality stable and price reasonable.

With an open mind and global vision, relying on a perfect procurement and sales network, we provides high-quality and cheap water treatment products and professional technical service, and strives to build a one-stop procurement platform for the water treatment industry!

The company mainly deals in the following water treatment products: 

* MF微滤系列 - PP, PES, N6, PTFE, PVDF和不锈钢微孔膜折叠滤芯, 熔喷,线绕和活性炭深层滤芯等;

*MF microfiltration series - PP, PES, N6, PTFE, PVDF and SS microporous membrane pleated filter cartridges, melt blown, string wound and activated carbon sediment filter cartridges, etc;

* UF超滤系列 - PAN, PVC, PS, PVDF中空纤维超滤膜组件;

*UF ultrafiltration series - PAN, PVC, PS, PVDF hollow fiber UF membrane module; 

* RO反渗透系列 - ULP超低压,LP低压,BW苦咸水和SW海水淡化反渗透膜元件;

*RO reverse osmosis series - ULP ultra-low pressure, LP low pressure, BW brackish water and SW desalination RO membrane elements;

* 液体滤袋系列 - PP, PE和尼龙单丝滤袋;

*Liquid filter bag series - PP, PE and Nylon monofilament filter bags;

* SS不锈钢和UPVC工业芯式和袋式过滤器;

*SS stainless steel and UPVC industrial cartridge and bag style filter housings;

* 家用UF超滤净水器,RO反渗透纯水机,家用PP塑料和SS不锈钢滤壳,前置过滤器等;

*Household UF ultrafiltration water purifier, RO reverse osmosis water purifier, household PP plastic and SS stainless steel filter housing, prefilter, etc;

* SS不锈钢和FRP玻璃钢反渗透RO压力膜壳;

*SS stainless steel and FRP RO pressure vessel housing;

* 多介质玻璃钢和不锈钢滤罐,软化罐,布水器,盐箱等;

*Multi media FRP and stainless steel filter tank, softening tank, water distributor, brine tank, etc;

* 水处理阴阳离子交换树脂;

*Ion exchange resin for water treatment;

* MBR中空纤维帘式膜,填料,斜板,爆气器等相关污水处理耗材和配件;

*MBR hollow fiber curtain UF membrane, filler, inclined plate, aerator and other related sewage treatment consumables and accessories;

* 紫外线杀菌器,流量计,压力表,SDI仪,泵,电磁阀,多功能控制阀等相关水处理配件;

*UV sterilizer, flowmeter, pressure gauge, SDI apparatus, pump, solenoid valve, multi-function control valve and other related water treatment accessories; 

Our Philosophy
Our career key goal is to build up a one-stop filter product sourcing platform and the professional service for global customer!
We pursue scientific management and constant innovation!  
We always remember and appreciate our customers, partners and friends that used to help and support our career!
We value our brand, image and social reputation, just like to cherish our personal life!
Honest, trust and integrity is our moral norms strictly followed by us!