Company Profile
Shanghai Minipore Industrial Co., Ltd. offer a one-stop filter product sourcing platform and professional service for global customer.
We has successfully gotten the certificates of ISO9001:2008 and uses ERP advanced information management system to make our filter quality stable and price reasonable.
We owns "华膜" brand, deeply trusted and appraised by the domestic and international customers of water treatment industry!
Our filter product categories:
RO Membrane (Filmtec, Hydranautics, Toray, Vontron, EW-MSW, KeenSen ... )
UF Membrane (PP, PAN, PS and PVDF hollow fiber)
RO & UF Pressure Vessel (Stainless Steel, FRP material)
MF Filter Cartridge (Various microporous membrane pleated and sediment depth filter cartridge)
Carbon Filter Cartridge (CTO, GAC, ACF filter cartridge)
Liquid Filter Bag (PP, PE, NMO, PTFE material)
Filter Housing (Bag, cartridge, Disc stack filter housing)
Multi-Media Filter (FRP tank, Distributor, Ion exchange resin, brine tank ... )
Water Treatment System (RO System, UF system)
Household Purifier
UV Sterilizer
Other Filter Spare Parts (Flow meter, Pressure gauge, Pump, Conductivity meter ...)